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08 Feb: DJ L Mix : Hindi Old Songs New Style Genuine Matal Dance Dhamaka Mix Dj L Music Production Full Album
03 Feb: DJ Pm Mix : Hindi Old Song Throwing Humming Bass Gain Competition Mix Dj Pm Music Present
02 Feb: DJ Rp Mix : Hindi Old Songs 2018 New Style Dance Dhamaka Dj Rp Music Production Full Album
01 Feb: DJ RR Mix : Saraswati Puja Special Bhojpuri Jbl Dancing Dhamaka Mix Dj RR Rabi Music Present Full Album
31 Jan: Mithun dJ : This Saraswati Puja Special Odia Hits Songs Dance Phataka Mix Dj Mithun (DMD) Production Full Album
29 Jan: DJ Sp Mix : Saraswati Puja Special Dailouge Competition JBL Blaster Mix Deejay SwaRup Remix Full Album
28 Jan: Dj SSD Mix : Dailouge Special Face To Face Challange Horn Competition Dhamaka Mix Dj Subhendu Present Boria Full Album
12 Jan: DJ Sourav Netra : Makar Sankranti Special Dhamaka RCF Matal Dance Mix DJ Sourav Netra Full Album
10 Jan: DJ Hb Mix : Hindi Old Songs Throwing 3 Step Matal Dot Dance Mix Dj Hb Present Full Album 10 Pic
08 Jan: DJ VBC Mix : New Year Special Matal Dance Dhamaka Dj Santu (VBC) Production Full Album 10 Pic
05 Jan: DJ X Mix : New Year Hits Oriya Power Dance Dhamaka JBL Mix DJ Susovan Present
04 Jan: DJ Biswajit Mix : Bengali Heart Touching Sad Songs Dj Biswajit Mix Full Album 5 Pic
30 Dec: DJ Sp Mix : New Year Special Hard Tiger Gain Dot Humming Angry Competition Dhamaka 2019 Dj SwaRup Remix Falta Se Full Album 11 Pic
30 Dec: DJ BR Mix : Happy New Year 2019 Special Matal Dancing Dhamaka Dj BR Music Full Album 4 Pic
30 Dec: DJ DB Mix : New Year Special Humbing Challange Competition Dhamaka Mix 2019 Dj Dinu (D.B) Music Present Full Album 5 Pic
29 Dec: DJ Mt Mix : Hindi New Song Super Style Dance Dhamaka 2019 Dj Mt Remix Full Album 14 Pic
28 Dec: DJ Somnath : New Style Humming Bass Gain Dot Competition Mix 2018 Dj Somnath Sagar Music Center Full Album 12 Pic
25 Dec: DJ SSD Mix : Pignik Special Dhamaka CA-50-OX Humming Competition Dot Mix Dj Subhendu Present Full Album 5 Pic
21 Dec: DJ Mt Mix : Hindi Old Songs New Style Humming Gain Competition Mix Dj Mt Remix Contai Se Full Album 10 Pic
21 Dec: DJ DB Mix : 1st January SpeciaL CA30 Power Humbing Challenge Competition Mix Dj Dinu (D.B) Music Present Full ALbum 4 Pic
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